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Latino Daily News

Monday December 12, 2011

‘Quickie Tents’ Become a Problem in Colombian Public Park

‘Quickie Tents’ Become a Problem in Colombian Public Park

Photo: ‘Quickie Tents’

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According to watchmen at Bogotá’s Simón Bolívar Park, out of every 10 tents pitched in the park, 4 are used by couples to have sexual intercourse.

Now park authorities have prohibited park goers from bringing their tents to the park.  Police in the area confirmed that they are routinely called to the park to enforce the no-tent-you-might-be-having-sex law, after couples get belligerent with park security a pitch their tent.

In the past people would bring their tents for family days at the park, to protect themselves and their personal effects from the sun, or an eventual rain shower.  From now on park goers will have to share the park’s few parasol umbrellas and kiosks.