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Latino Daily News

Monday September 3, 2012

Questions Remain About the 21-Hr Kidnapping Ordeal of Latin Teen in Nevada

Questions Remain About the 21-Hr Kidnapping Ordeal of Latin Teen in Nevada

Photo: Melissa Duran Kidnapped and Rescued

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The parents of 17-year-old Melissa Duran are happy to have her back safe and sound after a 21-hour kidnapping ordeal in Henderson, Nevada, but many questions remain.

The teen was dragged out of her parent’s home in Henderson early Friday morning after she opened the door to two Latino men that knocked.  The teen’s 11-year-old brother was also home and attempted to stop the men with a bat but was then pushed away with threats of a gun.

Half-an-hour after the bold kidnapping in this quiet residential area, Duran’s parents received a ransom demand for $150,000.  Police are not sure the ransom was the underlying motive for the kidnapping.  Investigators also believe their might be a connection between both men and Duran’s fathers landscaping business – another unanswered question.  Certain family members say the men were fired from the landscaping business.

A neighborhood surveillance camera captured images of the get-away car which was traced to a local apartment complex.  It was there that Duran was found at 4:30 Saturday morning by a SWAT team, blindfolded and bound. 

Alejandro Sanchez-Sanchez, 25, and Cesar Sanchez, 30, were arrested and charged with kidnapping and extortion.