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Latino Daily News

Saturday March 22, 2014

Queen Sofia Wraps Up Trip to Guatemala

Queen Sofia Wraps Up Trip to Guatemala

Photo: Queen Sofia

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Spain’s Queen Sofia completed her trip to Guatemala Friday at the National Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, where she could see the remains of the tomb of Mayan Queen Kalomt’e K’abel, discovered in 2012 at one of the most important of recent archaeological finds in this Central American country.

A true archaeology enthusiast, the Spanish queen showed great interest in details of the burial of this ruler known as the Divine Lady of Kan, who reigned in the late seventh century.

The remains of the wife of King K’inich Bahlam II were found at the El Peru Waka archaeological site.

Together with those responsible for the find, museum director Daniel Aquino gave his guest a full explanation of the research involving the warrior queen and offered Sofia the privilege of viewing the bridal accessories buried with her in the tomb and which have not yet been exhibited to the public.

Outstanding pieces include a small jade sceptre and a valuable piece representing the face of a youth, on the back of which is a partially deciphered glyph that says “This is the House of the Lady of Kan.”

Before going to the museum, the queen visited Our Lady of the Pillar Hospital, a private medical center dependent on the Spanish Beneficent Association, where she presided over the laying of the first stone of its new mother-and-child unit.

A number of children being treated at the hospital gave the Spanish queen some pictures they had drawn.

The two visits brought to an end Queen Sofia’s sixth visit to Guatemala, when over four days she reviewed the work being achieved here with Spanish aid channeled through the AECID agency, which has been committed to helping this country for 25 years.

What with the budget cuts in Madrid, AECID seeks a more efficient use of its contribution to the Guatemalan government for projects aimed at fighting poverty and inequality.


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