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Latino Daily News

Saturday January 8, 2011

Queen of Amphetamines & Interpol’s Most Wanted Women Extradited to US from Colombia

Beatriz Elena Henao is on her way to New York from her native Colombia to face charges of being an international drug trafficker and money laundering.

The 45-year old political scientist and multi-linguist is suspected of being part of the Comba gang that sold amphetamines throughout the world.  Her ability to speak English, Spanish, German and Dutch facilitated the sale of some 300,000 units of amphetamines.

She was on Interpol’s most wanted women’s list and had a price on her head her in the U.S.  She worked along side family members, including her sons, one is in jail for murder in Spain and the other is jailed for drug trafficking in the Netherlands.

Henao has led a colorful life: moves to Amsterdam to marry, starts a dry goods store, divorces, hooks up with a Russian drug smuggler, starts smuggling ecstasy and then is recruited to work internationally with Colombian drug lords and is found out because she will only stay at four-star hotels even when hiding out from the law.