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Latino Daily News

Wednesday March 12, 2014

Puerto Rico Reports Second Triple Homicide of 2014

Puerto Rico Reports Second Triple Homicide of 2014

Photo: Puerto Rico

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Three people were murdered in the east-central city of Caguas, the second triple slaying of the year, Puerto Rican police said on Tuesday.

Two of the victims died on the scene in the CaƱabon “barrio,” or neighborhood, in Caguas and the third died at the HIMA Hospital after being shot on Monday night.

Two other people were wounded in the incident, but police have not provided the identities of any of the victims.

In another incident on Monday night, police officer Joaquin Correa Ortega, 36, died after being shot by several unknown gunmen in an incident in which another officer was wounded.

The murders committed in Puerto Rico in the past 24 hours raise to 124 the number of killings so far in 2014, 53 fewer than were registered by the same date last year.

The first triple murder of the year occurred on Feb. 15 when three men were killed in Ponce, the main city in southern Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico finished 2013 with 883 murders, a 12.1 percent reduction from 2012 and the second consecutive annual drop in killings since in 2011 the Caribbean island experienced the bloodiest year in its recent history.

In 2012, 1,004 murders were committed on the island, and in 2011, 1,136 homicides were reported.


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