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Latino Daily News

Thursday March 10, 2011

Puerto Rico Promotes Rum & Tourism:  “Puerto Rico Does It Better” and “Just Think Puerto Rican Rum”

Puerto Rico Promotes Rum & Tourism:  “Puerto Rico Does It Better” and “Just Think Puerto Rican Rum”

Photo: Puerto Rican Rum

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The Puerto Rican government has reinvented its recently launched campaign for tourism to the island, changing last year’s “Just Think Puerto Rico” for “Just Think, Puerto Rican Rum” in new attempts to get consumers to drink the nation’s renowned spirit.
Last year, the government launched a “Rums of Puerto Rico” program featuring its first multi-brand attempt in major markets.

That program was followed by the unveiling of the “Just Think, Puerto Rico” tourism campaign.

“Just Think, Puerto Rican Rum” focuses on tradition and some of the mandates for producing the cane-based spirit that aren’t the law in other rum-producing regions. It is also timed with a deal Bacardi recently signed with Puerto Rico’s Economic Development & Commerce Department (DDEC in Spanish) that guarantees Bacardi production in Puerto Rico for at least another 20 years.

“Puerto Rico’s rum industry provides more than 70 percent of the rum sold in the United States,” said José Ramón Perez-Riera, the DDEC Secretary. “Rums continue to remain both an economic driver of the Puerto Rican economy and an economic ambassador for the island.”

This year’s effort to promote the island’s famous alcoholic beverage, unveiled Wednesday during a visit by top government officials and rum producers to New York, combines both campaigns; the “Just Think, Puerto Rican Rum” slogan is attached to other promotions in Puerto Rico, including the Puerto Rican Tourism Company’s “Just Think, Puerto Rico” campaign, which started last fall in New York City.

Both campaigns also make use of the green and black “Puerto Rico Does It Better” logo that is has been appearing on all of the government’s promotional materials.

“One goal of the new campaign is to tie together all of Puerto Rico’s marketing efforts under a single theme: quality. Whether it is our beautiful beaches, friendly, bilingual workforce, or our superior rums, we want Americans to say the same thing when they think about Puerto Rico: ‘Puerto Rico equals quality,’” said Rums of Puerto Rico Director Nicole J. Rodríguez.

“This year the focus is on key target markets, so we have a really nice mix in terms of media,” Rodríguez said.

“Rum drinks are so much more than the ubiquitous rum and coke or your grandmother’s daiquiri,” said Robinson, host of Food Network’s “Five Ingredient Fix.” “Because Puerto Rican rum mixes well with everything, you can use it to create new drinks or improve existing ones. For a spin on the classic cosmopolitan, try substituting Bacardi Limón or Don Q Limón for vodka and you will be delighted by the taste.”