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Latino Daily News

Sunday July 27, 2014

Puerto Rico Plagued by Drought

Puerto Rico Plagued by Drought

Photo: Drought in Puerto Rico

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Drought conditions continue worse than usual in Puerto Rico due to the drastic lack of rainfall over most of the island, except for the eastern and northwestern regions.

The director of the state emergency management office, Miguel Rios, said in a press release that the latest results of the federal Drought Monitor show that in the short term and based on the forecast, drought conditions are expected to prevail until the end of July.

According to recent measurements taken at reservoirs that supply the San Juan metropolitan area, their water levels diminished this week.

Until last Thursday, the level of Lake Carraizo stood at 38.64 meters (127 feet), but on Saturday it dropped to 38.49 (126). Meanwhile, the Lake La Plata reservoir measured 41.97 meters (138 feet) deep, but on Saturday dropped to 41.71 (137).

“At this time, no plan for rationing water to citizens has been activated,” Rios said, despite the fact that reservoir levels are getting lower.

He said that 13 towns are in a condition of moderate drought, or D1, while another 38 are in the atypically dry category.

He said the long-term forecast is that below-normal rainfall is expected until late October due to the El Niño phenomenon, which means that Puerto Rico will continue in the atypically dry category.


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