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Latino Daily News

Tuesday January 14, 2014

Puerto Rico Names New Attorney General to Replace Scandal-Ridden Predecessor

Cesar Miranda on Monday was named Puerto Rico’s new attorney general, replacing Luis Sanchez Betances, who had resigned last month after becoming involved in a scandal stemming from his intervention in the drunk-driving arrest of a former law partner.

Miranda will begin his new duties on Monday after being confirmed by the legislature, Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla told a press conference.

Sanchez Betances resigned on Dec. 31 under public pressure after he acknowledged having visited Jaime Sifre Rodriguez at the police station where he was being held after an arrest for drunk driving.

At the same press conference, Miranda said that his aim will be to always work in the public interest and he promised he will endeavor to improve the justice department in Puerto Rico.

He said that nobody should have impunity if they commit a crime and insisted that no distinctions will be made among people when it comes to enforcing the law, this when asked about how he would act in the case of an associate who becomes involved in a legal problem such as occurred to his predecessor.

“Any person who breaks the law must be prosecuted,” said Miranda, who also insisted on the need to join forces with U.S. federal authorities and devote as many resources as possible to the justice system.

The associate dean of the University of Puerto Rico Law School, Miranda was also assistant attorney general during the administration of Gov. Rafael Hernandez Colon.


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