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Latino Daily News

Friday January 6, 2012

PUERTO RICO: Mother Hands Son Over to Police

PUERTO RICO: Mother Hands Son Over to Police

Photo: Puerto Rican mom hands troubled son over to cops

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A Puerto Rican mother turned in her 15-year-old son to the police out of fear that he would be murdered, the press reported.

The woman, identified as Brenda Olmedo, said she decided to turn in her son after her home in the east-central town of Gurabo was fired upon several days ago by unknown gunmen looking for her son, known as “Raelo.”

“The boy needs a lot of psychiatric help. Good or bad, he’s my son. Jail is not the best thing. It’s going to make him more rebellious, but I’m not going to have him in my home. I love him, but I don’t want to put us at risk,” Olmedo said.

Olmedo added that her son has been a psychiatric patient since he was 3, suffers from attention deficit disorder, acts defiant and is schizophrenic, for which he needs to take medications, but he refuses to take them and uses drugs, which aggravates his condition.

Apparently, the boy stole a weapon from a neighbor and that was the reason the unknown gunmen decided to target the home, she added.

Olmedo, however, said that she feels calm about having turned in her son to the police so that they may lock him up, preferring to have her conscience at peace rather than having to bury one of her children.

“Better a pain in your arm than a pain in your heart. Now I feel calm. I could sleep well for the first time in a long time, without fearing that they will kill me. I heard firecrackers and thought: ‘They’ve killed me,’” she said.