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Latino Daily News

Wednesday May 28, 2014

Puerto Rico Gov’t Accused of Favoritism in Public Employment

State-owned water company AAA has hired 580 members of Puerto Rico’s ruling PPD party since Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla took office in January 2013, a lawmaker with the main opposition PNP said Tuesday.

Jorge Navarro, ranking PNP member of the lower house’s Consumer Affairs Committee, said in a statement that he has documents that prove this “wave of political appointments.”

“It’s reprehensible that while consumers and businesses are suffering an unprecedented rise in the cost of water service, the directors of the AAA are using the money to make political appointments,” the lawmaker criticized.

Navarro also said that, simultaneously, the AAA has been cancelling dozens of contracts of non-career employees who are not members of the PPD, headed by Garcia Padilla.

The legislator said that on Tuesday he will send a letter to the president of the AAA, Alberto Lazaro Castro, asking him for detailed information about the total number of employees who have been fired and the appointments to temporary and permanent posts that have been made since January 2013.

“If the AAA refuses to provide us with the information we have requested, we will not hesitate to resort to the courts,” Navarro threatened.


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