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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 1, 2014

Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic to Work Together to Boost Film Industry in Region

Organizers of the San Juan International Film Festival will hold in October its first forum on Puerto Rico-Dominican Republic coproductions as a step toward boosting the moviemaking potential of these two Caribbean neighbors.

Their idea is to “promote the development of the film industry in both countries and in that way help expand the regional market,” the executive director of the long-running Puerto Rican festival, Jose Artemio Torres, told Efe.

“The time has come. For years, the festival has been talking about promoting this movie market to stimulate local industry while increasing production in many parts of the Americas,” Torres said.

The 1st Puerto Rico-Dominican Republic Coproduction Meeting is scheduled for Oct. 23-25 and will be coordinated by Dominican producer Tanya Valette, Torres said.

This first edition of the forum seeks to be a catalyst for promoting film coproductions by Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, creating bridges of communication and collaboration between audiovisual producers and professionals of the two islands, in order to make the most of possible synergies and “to join forces,” Torres said.

Possibilities to be discussed at the forum include creating a virtual network of the various components of the sector, as well as a catalogue of producers, technicians, distributors and exhibitors in both countries.

Ten feature films will be screened at the meeting, five from each of the island nations, to be chosen from a submission of entries starting Tuesday and ending Aug. 15.

Each project will be represented by its producer and its director, who will take part in workshops, conferences and meetings with other producers, distributors, sales agents and service providers from Puerto Rico and other countries at the film festival who will also be invited to participate, Torres said.


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