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Monday January 9, 2012

Puerto Ricans Continue to Call for Top Cop’s Resignation

Puerto Ricans Continue to Call for Top Cop’s Resignation

Photo: Puerto Ricans Continue to Call for Top Cop Emilio Diaz Colon's Resignation

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Disgruntled members of the Puerto Rico Police Department are demanding the resignation of chief Emilio Diaz Colon.

The spokesperson for the movement, officer Nydia Ramos, told Efe on Monday that the request comes in response to Diaz Colon’s failure to implement bonuses and pay hikes already approved by Gov. Luis Fortuño.

“The movement is in favor of the resignation request. I think that six months is enough for those ... plans to bear fruit,” said Ramos regarding the time that Diaz Colon has been PRPD chief after replacing Jose Figueroa Sancha.

Ramos also said she regretted the fact that Diaz Colon is being advised by high officials in favor of an “archaic” plan to confront soaring violence in Puerto Rico.

“If they establish an effective and modern work plan, well then something can be done. You have to go to the police with a broad vision,” said Ramos, a 16-year veteran of the PRPD.

There were 1,116 murders in 2011 on the island, an increase of 15 percent over 2010 and the largest such figure in Puerto Rico since records started being kept in 1940.

Diaz Colon said several days ago that part of the blame for the violent year was due to the arrests of drug kingpins like Angel Ayala Vazquez, alias “Angelo Millones,” which sparked a war to take over his territory.

Ramos said she supported the request for Diaz Colon’s resignation made by police officer Harold Ortiz last week during the burial of a sergeant slain in the line of duty.

The officer shouted “Resign” through the loudspeaker of his patrol car and although Diaz Colon did not respond to the demand a few days later he proposed firing Ortiz.

“There are some rules that have to be followed in the Puerto Rico Police and the rules apply to all police officers,” said Diaz Colon.

Col. Jose Ramirez, the assistant superintendent for internal affairs, said that the legal division of the police recommended the punishment and sent the letter of suspension.