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Latino Daily News

Thursday September 1, 2011

Former PR Senator Arango’s Resignation Letter Available and You’ll Never Believe Who He Blames

Former PR Senator Arango’s Resignation Letter Available and You’ll Never Believe Who He Blames

Photo: Roberto Arango

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Read the resignation letter here, where former Puerto Rico Senator Roberto Arango, lays the blame for publishing cyber-ass-pics on sinister political adversaries and the advances of technology.

Last week, Puerto Rican senator Roberto Arango was caught with his pants down. Literally.  He then resigned over the weekend and now his resignation letter is being made available. 

For reasons even Arango has failed to explain, pictures of the senator bent over and wearing his birth suit appeared in the gay-hookup website “Grindr,” and then the pics went viral as they always tend to do. 

“The last 5 days have been, undoubtedly, the longest, most difficult and bitter of my life,” writes Arango at the top of his resignation letter, obviously implying that the days before the last five, those when he was spreading his cheeks in front of a cell-phone propped on top of a motel dresser, were undoubtedly the shortest, easiest and sweetest of his life.

“Six years ago, when from the anonymity of private entrepreneurship I answered the call of service to the Capital, I never thought political life was going to shake the private life of my family and those dear to me,” continues the former Senator, before delving onto more profound matters, pinning his wretchedness on someone else.

“I never thought it was possible—and much less, acceptable- to omit the most elemental rules of fair play and respect, to make innocent victims out of those who have never sought to live in the public eye.”

No, the ex-senator wasn’t speaking about his wife, and the foul play and disrespect he subjected her to, while making her (who never sought to live in the public eye) an innocent victim of his indiscretions. He is basically saying he is an innocent victim of invisible evil forces who brought to the public eye the fact that he was uploading dirty pictures to gay websites.

Arango moves on to say:

“I assure you Mr. [P.R. Senate] President with all certainty, that the controversy that today looms over the Puerto Rican Senate and the Capital city is the result of a ruse, orchestrated by my political enemies.”  He then went on to say “What has been done to discredit me in my public life is coward, harmful and doesn’t bring anything positive to the challenges we face as a society,” “I’ve been a victim of my own ingenuity and of advances of technology that, upon falling in the wrong hands, can be transformed into something very harmful.”

Evidently, the former Senator is still unaware that when he took pictures of himself in the wing-nut position, it was only a matter of time before someone came in and screwed him.

Read the letter below written originally in Spanish!