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Latino Daily News

Saturday March 31, 2012

Puerto Rican Rocker Kingnaldo to Debut New Disc-Combustible ( AUDIO)

Puerto Rican Rocker Kingnaldo to Debut New Disc-Combustible ( AUDIO)

Photo: Kingnaldo

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Puerto Rican rocker Kingnaldo, who made his name in 2009 with his first album, is launching his latest production under the title “Combustible.”

Reynaldo Serrano Lima, known as Kingnaldo, told Efe in an interview Friday that his new disc “goes more directly to things that get to me” like social and human injustices, including the ones imposed by systems of government.

Kingnaldo, born and raised in the western village of San Sebastian but currently living in Atlanta, said that one thing his work slams is the ban on marijuana.

“Why this injustice of jailing any kid for having a pocketful of marijuana?” asked the singer of songs like “Antidoto Organico” (Organic Antidote), “Mujer Organica” (Organic Woman), “Lost Soul” and “Viaje Toxico” (Toxic Trip).

Among the musicians taking part in Kingnaldo’s new album are Harold Hopkins on bass and drummer Kirk Marshall, who has accompanied Snoop Dog, Nass and Jada Pinkett Smith.

Part of the launch of his new disc will be held Saturday in a show dedicated to the 31st anniversary of the death of Puerto Rican inmates rights activist Carlos Torres Irriarte.

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