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Latino Daily News

Friday February 18, 2011

Reggaeton’s Don Omar Threatened by Prostitute for Lack of Payment with Frozen Condom   (VIDEO)

An Argentine prostitute named simply “Natalia” alleges to have serviced the reggaetoner singer on three occasions, none of which Don Omar paid for.

“I give you pleasure, I give you my body, I’ll do whatever you ask me to…. He had all that. He has to pay for it!” She said.

“If he denies having met me, I’ll demonstrate that he was with me, and several times” said Natalia “I can even show you the preservative we used the last time—I have it in the freezer” she added.

Conversely, she praised the Puerto Rican’s performance:

“As a man, he is a Sex Machine…” She said. “I am a pro, and I don’t mix business with pleasure, but honestly, that man makes—made me feel pleasure”

But don’t let that confession confuse you, she really is mad.

“We had an exchange of fluids, and now he doesn’t remember the exchange of fluids? He has to give me what is mine, because I already gave him what I offer”