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Latino Daily News

Monday December 2, 2013

Protests and Arrests Mark Mexican President’s First Anniversary in Office

At least 14 people were arrested in Mexico City during protests organized to mark the first anniversary of President Enrique Peña Nieto’s inauguration, officials said.

The protests took place Sunday near the headquarters of media giant Televisa on Chapultepec avenue and were organized by young people, many of whom covered their faces.

The demonstrators headed to the area after attending a rally against energy industry reforms organized by former presidential candidate Andres Lopez Obrador.

Protesters threw stones at the Televisa building, vandalized a Metro station and damaged some shops.

Seven minors are among the 14 protesters arrested, Federal District Public Safety Secretariat spokesmen said.

Police arrested the protesters on damaging public property, robbery and other charges.

Radical groups called for a series of protests to mark the first anniversary of Peña Nieto’s inauguration.

About 100 people were injured and 100 others arrested in protests during the president’s inauguration last December.

Officials deployed 4,706 police officers and other security forces personnel across Mexico City to prevent violence over the weekend.


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