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Latino Daily News

Friday May 6, 2011

Protesters in Mexico March to End Calderon’s “Badly Planned” War on Drugs

Protesters in Mexico March to End Calderon’s “Badly Planned” War on Drugs

Photo: Protesters march in Mexico to end the violence

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In Mexico, a protest consisting of hundreds of marchers has begun. They walk in their capital in demand of peace and an end to the violent drug war that is destroying their country from within.

Thursday, protesters began a 3-day march in Mexico City, some carrying signs with the names of the victims of the overwhelming increase in violence, others with a clear message, “STOP THE WAR.”

The 50-mile walk included one of the most outspoken opponents of President Calderon’s drug war, poet Javier Sicilia, whose 24-year-old son’s body was found crammed into a car with six other bodies in Cuernavaca, Mexico. All the victims’ hands, wrists, and heads were wrapped with masking tape. Authorities say all were suffocated to death.

“We cannot understand a war that is badly planned, a war that is badly directed. We cannot understand why he does not understand why the criminals are out there. If they are out there, it is because the institutions and the state are co-opted,” Sicilia said.

The march is scheduled to end on Sunday in Mexico City’s central square. A demonstration will be held as the protesters demand that authorities agree to re-establish peace and justice in Mexico.

President Calderon issued a statement Thursday saying, “Retreating from the fight is not an option. Quite the opposite. We must redouble our efforts, because if we stop fighting, they are going to kidnap, extort and kill all over the country … marching back means things will get worse. If we retreat, we will allow gangs of criminals to walk all the streets of Mexico with impunity, assaulting people without anyone stopping them.”

Recently, Calderon told CNN, “Just like you, I also want a Mexico without violence. I want a peaceful Mexico. But this goal will not be accomplished with false exits. The solution is to stop the criminals, who are the enemies of Mexico.”