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Latino Daily News

Thursday June 17, 2010

Protesters in Downton San Antonio Rally for Congressional Support of the Dream Act

SAN ANTONIO—Students and immigration reform advocates gathered outside the downtown offices of U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar who agreed to co-sponsor the legislation last week. Wednesday’s crowd was praising Cuellar’s decision and urging him to garner more congressional support for the legislation, especially among the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

The congressman was in Washington on Wednesday but his staff distributed a letter written by him to the crowd stating the following:

“I have long supported the merits of the DREAM Act and I have long been a supporter of immigration reform that is built on creating a strong guest worker program, stronger security at our border and a fair path of legalization for those individuals living in the shadows”

One undocumented student who could benefit from this legislation is Eric Balderas who has found him self center stage of this debate. Valedictorian of his class at Highlands High School and now a student at Harvard University, Balderas symbolizes the people the DREAM Act was meant to help,


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