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Latino Daily News

Tuesday June 12, 2012

Prostitutes in Spain Can Now Take Out Ads for Their Services

Prostitutes in Spain Can Now Take Out Ads for Their Services

Photo: Prostitutes in Spain are required to wear reflective vests when out on the street

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A ban that previously prevented prostitutes from advertising their services has been lifted by the Spanish Parliament.

Sex workers can now advertise their services in newspapers and media websites due to the recession.

Brothels, escort agencies, and individual prostitutes will now be allowed to place ads, and according to a 2007 report, such advertising brought media outlets around 40 million euros ($49,824,000 US) per year.

However, the health ministry still hopes to find a way to keep these advertisements from helping to exploit women and aid in human trafficking.

Spain’s People’s Party is expected to make plans to outlaw advertising of this kind.

It was only in June of 2010 when Spanish government officials first announced they were planning to ban the advertisements. At the time, opponents of the ban pointed out that taking away the revenue the ads bring in, would seriously hurt numerous media sources, which rely heavily on the ads to keep them running.

Prostitution brings in about 18 billion euros ($2,242,080,000 US) a year in Spain, with about 200,000 sex workers in the country.