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Latino Daily News

Monday October 15, 2012

Prostitute at Center of Secret Service Scandal in Colombia to Write Book

Prostitute at Center of Secret Service Scandal in Colombia to Write Book

Photo: Dania Londoño Writes Book on Secret Service Scandal

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Dania Londoño, the Colombian prostitute at the center of a sex scandal involving U.S. Secret Service agents, is putting the finishing touches on a book about the incident that is soon to be published in Colombia, Semana magazine reported.

“Room Service,” the working title of the book, recounts the young woman’s life up to the time she became a prostitute, and then gained notoriety for the scandal involving an advance team of agents preparing the way for U.S. President Barack Obama’s arrival at the 6th Summit of the Americas in Cartagena last April.

Londoño’s story is that of a little girl given the last name of a boyfriend of her mother’s because her biological father wanted nothing to do with them. Her life was thereafter marked by that paternal figure, who was mixed up in the drug-trafficking world of San Andres Island and who disappeared one day without a trace, Semana said.

After that traumatic experience, the girl moved to the Caribbean city of Cartagena and began working as a salesperson, only to quit when her boss sexually abused her

The 25-year-old Londoño, the mother of a little boy, was unable to find another job and “saw no other choice but prostitution,” the magazine said.

After the scandal, the Colombian admitted she accepted having sex with one of the agents, whose name she said she doesn’t remember, for $800, though she said that “the man slept all night.”

The next day the scandal broke when Londoño complained out loud in the exclusive Cartagena hotel that her client didn’t pay her the amount agreed on.