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Latino Daily News

Monday December 27, 2010

Pronounced Dead, Brazilian Woman Spends Two Day in her Coffin Before Waking Up Christmas Eve

This was a very special Christmas season for 88-year-old Brazilian Maria das Dores da Conceicoa who was declared dead on Wednesday then resurrected from her coffin alive on Christmas Eve.

The 88-year old grandmother, of Minas Gerias, Brazil, had been battling hypertension, vascular disease and dementia when she was hospitalized last week with more health complications.  She was declared dead on Wednesday by city hospital staffers and then her body was transported to the local funeral home.

Then two days later as employees of the mortuary were about to prepare her body for burial, they noticed her shallow breathing and rushed her back to the hospital in her coffin.  Police are investigating why she was declared dead and a death certificate signed when she clearly was not. 

Conceicoa remains hospitalized in critical condition but nonetheless all her family is relieved and pleased with this very special Christmas gift.