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Latino Daily News

Tuesday December 14, 2010

Enter Illegally in Arizona, Get Deported Out of Texas - A Deterrent for Illegal Immigration?

Last week, buses filled with as many as 47 undocumented immigrant males aged 20-60 began transporting the men to the Texas-Mexico border once again.  The program began in November of 2009, and sent undocumented immigrants found in Arizona to Texas to be deported to Ojinaga, Mexico. At the time, Texas Gov. Rick Perry and other state officials were worried about the increased number of immigrants in their state and claimed the area could not handle the new population.

Last December, the U.S. Border Patrol temporarily stopped the transports because officials believed fewer immigrants were crossing into Arizona, and the time between the program’s reinstatement allowed for an evaluation of the programs successes or failures.

However, Del Rio,Texas is seeing the buses roll in. Del Rio is now seeing almost 100 unauthorized immigrants arrive daily as they wait to be “repatriated” at the international bridge.  Del Rio Mayor Roberto Fernandez said that if he had known about the program sooner, he would have voiced his objections to the buses coming through Del Rio, but now he’s not sure what he can do.

When Fernandez asked why the buses weren’t being sent straight to Mexico from Arizona, Border Patrol failed to clearly explain their reasoning, and only said the Del Rio “stop” was part of an attempt to break the smuggling cycle, adding that they would be keeping an eye out for aliens repatriated.