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Latino Daily News

Friday December 9, 2011

Professor at Hidalgo Polytechnic University Injured by Parcel Bomb

One professor received minor burns from a parcel-bomb sent to Hidalgo Polytechnic University, authorities told Efe Thursday.

The incident occurred around 5:00 p.m. Wednesday at the campus in the city of Zempoala.

Noticing that the return address was unfamiliar, the professor who received the parcel followed the security protocol for handling suspicious packages, Hidalgo state’s deputy education secretary, Rolando Duran, told Efe.

Despite the precautions, the package “exploded in the hand” of the instructor, causing minor burns, Duran said, adding that he had already referred the case to the state Attorney General’s Office for investigation.

The injured professor was able to teach his classes on Thursday, university president Sergio Arteaga CarreƱo said.

Arteaga told Efe that officials from all of Hidalgo’s institutions of higher learning met Thursday to review and reinforce security procedures.

Two scientists were wounded in August when a parcel-bomb sent by an anti-technology group calling itself Individuals Tending to Savagery, or ITS, exploded at a Monterrey Institute of Technology campus in the central state of Mexico.