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Wednesday August 15, 2012

Princess Letizia, the wife of Spain’s Crown Prince Felipe Setting Fashion Trends

Princess Letizia, the wife of Spain’s Crown Prince Felipe Setting Fashion Trends

Photo: Princess Letizia,wife of Spain's Prince Felipe Setting Fashion

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Princess Letizia, the wife of Spain’s Crown Prince Felipe, “creates fashion,” according to the director of Madrid’s International School of Protocol.

Before, “it was the actresses who created trends,” but now Spain’s future queen is doing that, Francisco Merino said in an interview with EFEstilo.

Letizia Ortiz “knows perfectly what she wants to convey and how she wants to convey it,” he said, noting that the princess, who has headed the lists of fashion publications for her elegant sense of style and good taste, “has a series of advisors, but she has the last word.”

A photograph showing the princess and then-French first lady Carla Bruni ascending the steps at Madrid’s Zarzuela Palace on April 27, 2009, is - Merino said - a reflection of the knowledge Letizia has of the media.

“(In) that much-commented-upon photo, (Princess Letizia) was spectacular, with that suit and those heels,” the etiquette expert said.

The princess wore, on that occasion, a fuchsia outfit created by the man who was apparently her then-favorite designer, Felipe Varela.

In Merino’s judgment, even the shoes the princess usually wears, platforms with a high heel which came to be officially called “Letizios,” send a message of confidence and aplomb, besides looking “spectacular,” he added.

Regarding the colors she selectes for her ensembles, Merino emphasized that the color gray is always an outstanding choice, pointing to an historic moment, namely the gala dinner at the El Pardo Palace thrown by King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia for the guests invited to Prince Felipe and Letizia’s wedding.