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Latino Daily News

Thursday December 30, 2010

Primary Source of Entertainment for Hispanics is Staying at Home with Family and Friends

The Hispanic community didn’t need Mintel, the global research firm, to tell them that their preferred form of leisure activity is spending time at home.  A study just concluded by Mintel shows that 66 percent of survey respondents enjoy spending most of their free time at home with family members.

Another 60 percent like being at home entertaining friends and 33 percent enjoyed staying home cooking with friends and family.  The key driver to enjoyment appears to be staying at home for the majority of Hispanics.

For younger Hispanic survey respondents, approximately 34 percent, leisure time enjoyment is also at home but rather than cooking it’s surfing the Internet or listening to music on the internet with family and friends.  Interestingly younger Hispanics do enjoy cooking at home when its to get ready to entertain friends in the home viewing it as a form of excerise. 

Indeed it is true ‘Mi Casa Es Su Casa’ – My House is Your House.