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Latino Daily News

Thursday February 17, 2011

Priest Ordained Just One Year Ago, Murdered in Colombia

Father Luis Carlos Orozco Cardona, 26 years old, was killed in Rio Negro (Antioquia) on the evening of Saturday, February 12: the news was confirmed in a message sent to Fides (the Pontifical Mission Societies news service) by the Colombian Episcopal Conference.

According to information gathered, among the crowd, an armed youth shot the priest, who was the vicar of the Cathedral in the Diocese of Sonson – Rionegro. The priest, seriously wounded, was taken to St John of God hospital in Rionegro and despite doctors’ efforts he died in the early morning of February 13, while undergoing surgery. The capture of a minor was reported, perpetrator of the priest’s murder, and whose motives remain unknown for the moment.

Father Orozco Cardona was born on October 10, 1984 in Carmen de Viboral. After elementary and high school, he entered the Seminary of Our Lady of Marinilla where he studied philosophy. He studied theological at the National Seminary of Christ the Priest in La Ceja. He was ordained a priest one year ago.

The Diocese of Sonsonate-Rionegro has condemned the crime.  87 percent of the Colombia people are Catholic, according to Vatican statistics.