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Latino Daily News

Friday July 8, 2011

President Warmly Receives New Dominican Republic Ambassador to U.S.

President Warmly Receives New Dominican Republic Ambassador to U.S.

Photo: U.S.-Dominican Relations

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The new Dominican Republic ambassador to the US, Anibal de Castro, presented his credentials yesterday to President Barack Obama in the White House. Meanwhile the President lauded the great relations both countries enjoy and the contribution from Dominicans living in the US.

De Castro was at the White House yesterday for his credentials ceremony and was warmly received.  He was previously ambassador to the United Kingdom and prior to his diplomatic days, De Castro was a newspaper editor in the Dominican.

At the ceremony, President Obama highlighted the close family and cultural bonds and collaboration between both governments. He said one of every 300 Americans will visit the DR on vacation or business every year and 100,000 Americans live and work in the Dominican Republic.

“The United States and the Dominican Republic share a long history of mutually beneficial relations, and I am sure that your arrival here will reinforce the bilateral relations between our nations. Your personal experience as ambassador before the United Kingdom in London, as well as the commitment with freedom of the press and expression during your journalism career will be of much use for the representation of the interests of the Dominican nation here in Washington,” the U.S. chief executive said.