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Latino Daily News

Monday January 17, 2011

President of Ecuadorian Soccer Team Gunned Down in Manta, Ecuador (VIDEO)

The president of Delfin Sporting Club soccer team in Ecuador was murdered down, and his female companion wounded in a vicious gun attack in the coastal city of Manta, local press is reporting.

Honorio Cevallos (45) was at a restaurant called “Telmo” speaking with Colombian coach Juan Carlos Bedolla after lunch on Saturday, when a man shot him at least eight times, and fled in a black motorcycle with one accomplice.

Cevallos was taken to the San Gregorio clinic, but died while doctors worked on him. Bedolla was unharmed, and there is an assumption that Cevallos was the intended target. 

A women, identified as Gina Saldarriaga, was shot thrice and is hospitalized, her current state is unknown, but it is believed not to be life threatening, as bullets hit her in the left leg and lower back.

Police investigators have revealed files indicating that Cevallos was involved in a drug trafficking case in 2000, and there was a warrant out for his arrest. Cevallos fled the country, and only returned after the warrant had expired.