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Latino Daily News

Tuesday October 26, 2010

President Obama Visits “Piolín Por la Mañana”

As part of the presidential bid to win the hearts and votes of Latinos across America before the midterm elections, President Barack Obama kept a promise he made in early 2009, and granted an interview to Latino radio personality Eddie “Piolín” Sotelo last Friday.

The interview aired yesterday morning on more than a dozen stations across the United States that stream the LA based show “Piolín por la Mañana” each morning.  The conversation started immediately with a tone of skepticism and disappointment; Univision’s Piolín asked how the President could even ask for the Latino vote, alleging the community believes “you haven’t worked that hard” to pass an immigration reform bill.

“With all due respect, even though I’m in your studio. The notion that we haven’t worked is just not true. There is a notion that somehow if I had worked hard enough, we could have magically done it. That’s just not the way our system works,” Obama responded.

The President explained that on the subject of immigration reform, the opposition is far larger and requires a lot more work than the work needed to turn the tables in the favor of a new bill of health care.  “There is no place in the country where the Latino vote doesn’t matter and even if Latinos are going to support Republicans, they should say to the Republican candidate: ‘The price of our support is you publicly saying that you’re going to support comprehensive immigration reform,  because I’ve already said that, Harry Reid has already said that, Democrats are already on record saying it.”  He went on further to say if we can get the votes, I’ll sign the bill tomorrow.”

Obama said he would continue to work hard on the issue. “I’m only in the first two years of my Presidency,” he said, “and, by the way, I had a huge economic crisis.”

Listen to the interview below, courtesy of Univisión.

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