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Latino Daily News

Tuesday January 29, 2013

President Obama:  “Now is the Time” for Immigration Reform

President Obama:  “Now is the Time” for Immigration Reform

Photo: Obama on Immigration Reform

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President Obama spoke, on the need for comprehensive immigration reform, to an overflowing audience at Del Sol High School in Las Vegas this afternoon.

The President was expected to endorse the bipartisan immigration reform proposal announced yesterday by Senate members and he did not disappoint.  He viewed the bipartisan effort as a sign that “differences were dwindling” on the contentious issue of immigration reform. 

Obama felt the time was now to act and move forward on a comprehensive plan that included taking the estimated 11 million undocumented out of the shadows and putting them on a path to citizenship that is fair to all.

In his speech he often cited the great contribution immigrants have made to the country and especially to the economy.  Obama noted that 1-in 4 new small business owners are immigrants and that 1-in-4 high-tech start ups are started by immigrants.

Obama promised to help move along the Senate bipartisan plan which he noted was “very much in line with my principals” and the immigration position he campaigned on.  He affirmed his commitment to border security citing his record number of deportations and illegal border crossings at a record low level since 2000.