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Latino Daily News

Monday July 5, 2010

President Felipe Calderon’s Political Party Trailing in Most Elections

Notimex is reporting that Mexican President Felipe Calderon’s political party known as the PAN is trailing in nine of the 12 gubernatorial elections held yesterday.  The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), that ruled Mexico for seven decades is taking the lead in those races.  Many Mexican’s feel the price paid to bring drug trafficers to justice is too high and the violence too prevalent.

The elections were also critical in the eyes of the world to see if Mexico’s long-fought battle for democratically held elections remain viable or under siege by drug cartels.  The results on that issue are mixed.  During campaigning one gubernatorial candidate was killed, 10 municipal candidates killed and many others threatened.

There was high security everywhere; bulletproof vests for candidates and four bodies found hang in Chihuahua.  Certain areas of the country reported high turnout others sparse.  In Tamaulipas where leading PRI candidate Rodolfo Torre was assassinated many poll workers refused to show up and in certain places in the state no one came to vote.


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