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Latino Daily News

Wednesday April 20, 2011

President Calderon Sends Initiatives to Congress to Battle Impunity

President Calderon Sends Initiatives to Congress to Battle Impunity

Photo: Los Pinos, Mexican White House

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The President of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, sent to Congress two initiatives in the framework of the National Security Strategy, to help combat impunity, from the creation and strengthening of new legal standards in criminal matters, establishment of sanctions and justice enforcement.

Reform initiatives against criminal networks and criminal liability that were sent to the Mexican Senate, seek to punish those involved in various forms of criminal networks, even if they are not those directly committing the crime or are formally part of criminal groups, but somehow because of their relationship have facilitated the realization of crimes committed.

The initiative also raises new types of crimes, like “criminal facilitation”, which punishes the activities of what are commonly called “hawks”, i.e. the lookouts. 

Moreover, the initiatives are intended to establish legal basis for pretrial detention and special monitoring arrangements.

To this end, the initiative provides the infrastructure and technology in prisons for enhanced security, establishes obligations and rights of the sentenced, provides a new system of rehabilitation, early release and reintegration programs, and parole proceedings.

President Calderon is convinced that with these initiatives, the Mexican government will have more and better legal tools to combat, more efficiently and with strict adherence to the law, organized crime.