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Latino Daily News

Wednesday November 7, 2012

President Calderon Says $1.7 Billion Train Line “Was Worth It”

President Calderon Says $1.7 Billion Train Line “Was Worth It”

Photo: President Calderon Says $1.7 Billion Train Line "Was Worth It"

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The Mexican capital is operating a new 25.1-kilometer (15.5-mile) Metro line that cost nearly $1.7 billion and uses Spanish-made trains.

The line, which was inaugurated at the end of October, is expected to carry between 400,000 and 500,000 people each day.

Mexico City’s Metro system now covers 226 kilometers (140 miles) with 12 lines and 195 stations, serving about 4.5 million people per day.

The Gold Line was built by Mexico’s ICA and Grupo Carso, and was even built while keeping in mind possible earthquakes

Engineers enforced a raised section using “special steel pillars” placed through nine different types of soil.

Spain’s Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles, S.A., or CAF, will be responsible for managing the line and overseeing maintenance for the 38 trains plying the route, the longest and first totally automated one on the Mexico City Metro.

The new rail line “competes with the best in the world” and will “revolutionize transportation and mobility” in southern Mexico City, President Felipe Calderon said at the inauguration ceremony.

For many, their travel time is being drastically reduced, some seeing a 150-minute trip drop to 78 minutes.

Travel times are not all that have been reduced.

President Calderon told the Los Angeles Times, “It was worth it. This … is a sustainable solution to the problems of mobility and transport in Mexico City. Moreover, it minimizes the impact of pollution on the city, and that’s fundamental.”