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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 5, 2011

Popular Mexican High Priest of Death Cult Arrested on Kidnapping and Extortion Charges

Yesterday, Mexican officials announced the arrest of David Romo, high priest of the death cult ‘Santa Muerte’ also known as Mexico’s Death Saint cult. 

The 42-year old archbishop, as he is recognized, is charged along with nine other church members, with pretending to be Los Zetas drug cartel members in order to carry out kidnappings and profit from them.  Once the kidnapping and extortion ransom was paid out portions allegedly went into Romo’s personal bank account.

Romo has denied any wrongdoing and continues to be revered as the religion of choice for many Mexican peasants.  The church has an estimated two million followers in Mexico and the U.S.

The religion’s skeletal icon, a grim reaper dressed in white stain, is also revered by drug cartels and viewed as a protector against death or arrest.