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Latino Daily News

Friday December 3, 2010

Pope Praises Costa Rica as “Beacon for Peace”

Pope Benedict XVI in meeting with Costa Rica’s new ambassador to the Vatican, Fernando F. Sanchez Campos, expressed praise and his contentment for the country’s peace seeking nature and its environmental conservation.

The Pope referred to Costa Ricans as “a people who centuries ago welcomed the evangelical seed, to see how it would sprout forth in countless educational, healthcare and humanitarian initiatives.”  Whereby he recalled the country’s Pact of San Jose that was signed to recognize the value of human life from conception. 

The Pope concluded his comments on Costa Rica by praising their role in the world:  “I also asked God that the nation may continue to follow the paths that make her a beacon for peace in the international community.”  The pope equated the country’s vast conservation programs a key aspect of the country’s peace seeking role - finding peace between man and nature.