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Latino Daily News

Thursday July 29, 2010

Poll Reveals Obstacles Hispanics Face to Obtain a College Education

The AP/Univision Poll reveals the discrepancy between Hispanic’s aspirations to a Higher Education and their actual attainment. Eighty-seven percent said a college education is extremely important compared to the 78 percent overall U.S. population. Ninety-four percent of Hispanic parents expect their own children to go to college but surprisingly only 13 percent of Hispanics have a bachelor’s degree or higher. The recent poll reveals the primary reasons that keep many Hispanics away from obtaining a college education.

The main reason cited by 54 percent of Hispanics as “extremely” or “very important” is financial pressures compounded by the cultural reluctance to borrow money. This notion even holds true for U.S.-born Hispanics of which, only 32 percent borrowed money for education, compared to the 39 percent of the overall population. The second most common reason for abandoning their studies was family responsibilities, cited as “extremely” or “very important” by 52 percent of Latinos. Both reasons illustrate the economic and cultural barriers the Hispanic population face in their pursuit of a Higher Education.

The AP/Univision Poll was conducted by the Research Center at the University of Chicago from March 11 to June 3, using a sample group of Hispanics provided by The Nielsen Company.


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