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Latino Daily News

Monday December 9, 2013

POLL: Latino’s Approval of Obama Plummets

A recent Gallup poll shows President Obama’s job approval amongst Latinos has plummeted in one year.

The poll shows a 23 point drop from a high of 75 percent in December, 2012 to 52 percent in November, 2013.  The President’s approval rating has dropped amongst all demographics in great part to the failed Obamacare launch and the lingering problems with the website. The drop in approval amongst Latinos, however, is the highest amongst all demographics according to Gallup.

The drop in favorability amongst Latinos is “nearly twice the national average,” noted Gallup.  Despite this severe one-year drop the President enjoys the approval of a majority of Latinos (52%). 

Many Latinos are highly critical of the President on his record-high rate of deportations and his failure to deliver on comprehensive immigration reform.  A November Washington Post-ABC News poll showed the President’s approval rating fell to 42 percent, the lowest level since he took office.

In 2012 the President won the Latino vote by 71 percent compared to 27 percent by Republican Mitt Romney. 


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