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Latino Daily News

Tuesday July 17, 2012

Poll Finds 53% of Florida Voters Support Obama’s Immigration Policies

Poll Finds 53% of Florida Voters Support Obama’s Immigration Policies

Photo: Poll Finds 53% of Florida Voters Support Obama's Immigration Policies

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According to a Mason-Dixon Polling & Research poll commission by the Miami Herald, the Tampa Bay Times, and Bay News 9, Florida residents favor President Obama’s immigration policies.

The poll found that roughly 66 percent of those polled support the president’s plans for comprehensive immigration reform. The plans they supported included giving though in the country illegally a pathway to citizenship.

A number of those polled also supported President Obama’s recent decision to protect younger undocumented immigrants, particularly DREAMers.

While the poll did find many in support of Obama, not all back his plans and reform fully. While some support the DREAM Act, they also believe in tighter border security and deportation of the undocumented.

When asked, “Do you approve or disapprove of Barack Obama’s job performance as president?” overall the state polled a 46 percent approval. However when broken down, 52 percent of Hispanic polled approved of the president’s performance

When asked, “Do you support or oppose President Obama’s executive decision to allow some younger illegal immigrants to stay in the country and not face deportation?”, 53 percent of the overall total polled supported the president’s decision, while 74 percent of Hispanics supported it as well.

See the additional results of the poll here.