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Latino Daily News

Tuesday November 2, 2010

Political Messages Posted on U.S.-Mexico Border Fence Must Go

The anti-immigrant group and volunteer border watch group American Border Patrol has been informed by the U.S. Border Patrol they must remove the thousands of U.S. flags with political messages on them placed at the border fence.

The American Border Patrol placed banners and flags with political messages (some racists in nature) on the border fence in Arizona on the Fourth of July.  The goal was to celebrate Americans and to encourage the government to finish 700 miles of double fencing. 

Some messages contained “Go Back to Mexico”, “This is Our Land” or “Stay Out” statements for example. 

The U.S. Border Patrol removed the banners since the fence is federal property, which is not allowed to display political messages, but the flags remained.  The group was told this week that the flags must also be removed because the land is federally owned not just the fence.