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Latino Daily News

Thursday March 3, 2011

Police Report: Man Beheaded in Arizona Stole From Mexican Drug Cartel

Wednesday, police confirmed that a man found beheaded in an Arizona apartment in October was killed after stealing from Mexican drug smugglers.

On October, 10th, 2010, Martin Alejandro Cota-Monroy’s body was discovered in his apartment by a neighbor who found the decapitated man in a pool of blood.

It is being reported by Chandler, AZ police that Cota-Monroy, 38, stole 400 pounds of marijuana and methamphetamine from the El Chapo drug cartel, then told the cartel that the drugs had been taken by Border Patrol.

When it was discovered that he lied, the cartel reportedly hired assassins to kill him.

Crisantos Moroyoqui, 36, has been charged with second degree murder for the killing, and three others as Jose David Castro Reyes, 25; Isai Aguilar Morales, 22, are believed to have fled to Mexico. The third is only known by the name “El Joto,” a derogatory Spanish term for a gay man, and thought to be between 20 and 27.

When police found Moroyoqui, who also lived in the apartment complex where the murder occurred, he was asleep in his bed, and covered in blood. It is believed he was in the room when the murder took place, but that the other three men killed Cota-Monroy.

Chandler police say they suspected the beheading was done by the drug cartel, but were unclear on the motive, until the official report was released on Wednesday.

Detective David Ramer of the Chandler PD told reporters: “It was a very gruesome scene. Anytime you see a headless body stabbed multiple times, obviously that’s gruesome. And this is a message being sent — not only are they going to kill you but they’re going to dismember your body, and ‘If you cross us, this is what happens.’”