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Latino Daily News

Wednesday January 1, 2014

Police Officer Gunned Down in Southwestern Colombia

Police Officer Gunned Down in Southwestern Colombia

Photo: Crime news in Latin America

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A gunman killed one police officer and wounded another in the southwestern Colombian town of La Union, authorities said Tuesday

The attack occurred in Valle del Cauca province on the road linking La Union to the neighboring municipality of Roldanillo, police said in a statement.

Patrolman Hector Fabio Giraldo Moncada, 30, a nine-veteran of the force, was killed. His partner, 26-year-old Carlos Alberto Pinzon Angarita, suffered a gunshot wound in his right leg.

Other officers captured the shooter, identified as Raul Pineda Prieto, according to the statement.

One officer shot Pineda during the struggle and the suspect was taken to a hospital.


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