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Latino Daily News

Saturday September 8, 2012

Police Discover Arsenal After Child Brought Firearm Into Mexican School

Police Discover Arsenal After Child Brought Firearm Into Mexican School

Photo: Police discovered an arsenal

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Mexican police and soldiers confiscated an arsenal in the northwestern state of Sonora in an operation stemming from reports about a child carrying a firearm into his school, authorities said.

State authorities said in a bulletin Friday that an anonymous caller informed them the day before that a nine-year-old boy had carried the weapon into school and that state and municipal police had been dispatched to the scene.

The municipal officers secured the weapon while state police went to the boy’s home to investigate, the bulletin said.

Before arriving at the residence, the officers observed a man with a gun running toward the inside of the home and began pursuing him.

The police confiscated a 9 mm pistol that the individual had thrown on the ground and questioned a woman, Brenda Marisela Arellano Rojas, who allowed the officers to search the interior of the home. Soldiers also arrived and stood guard outside the residence.

The police found an AR-15 rifle, cartridges of different calibers, 96 ammunition clips, 13 handguns, 7 rifles, 76 portable radios and other communications gear, four bulletproof vests, money-counting machines, several military uniforms and other items.

Two more AR-15 rifles and a handgun were found in three vehicles discovered on the premises.

The man was not located inside the house, but Arellano was arrested and turned over to federal prosecutors and the weapons were confiscated.