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Latino Daily News

Thursday April 10, 2014

Police Arrest Mayor for Ties to Gang in Southern Mexico

Police Arrest Mayor for Ties to Gang in Southern Mexico

Photo: Feliciano Alvarez Mecino

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The mayor of Cuetzala del Progreso, a town of 9,000 in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, was arrested for allegedly having ties to a criminal organization, officials said Wednesday.

Feliciano Alvarez Mecino, a member of the leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution, or PRD, was arrested on Tuesday, Criminal Investigations Agency director Tomas Zeron said.

“Intelligence reports indicate that Feliciano Alvarez Mecino had, since his campaign for the mayoralty, a relationship and support from the dominant criminal organization in the area, dedicated to kidnapping, extortion and drug trafficking,” Zeron said, reading from a prepared statement.

The mayor allegedly has ties to a gang that carried out at least 15 kidnappings in Cuetzala and nearby towns, officials said.

Alvarez, who was arrested in the city of Iguala, also faces charges for allegedly tipping off an unidentified criminal organization about security forces operations in the area.

The mayor claimed last year that he had received death threats and revealed two months ago that he barely spent time in Cuetzala del Progreso due to the violence in the town.


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