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Latino Daily News

Wednesday October 3, 2012

Police Arrest Man in Connection With Murder of Mexican Tourist in Croatia

Police Arrest Man in Connection With Murder of Mexican Tourist in Croatia

Photo: Selena Margarit Graciano Macedo

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A Croatian man was arrested in connection with the murder of Mexican tourist Selena Margarit Graciano Macedo at a park in Split in August, police said Wednesday.

“We are dealing with a 28-year-old citizen who lives with his family in Split, unemployed, with unfinished studies, who occasionally works construction and had no criminal record until now,” Split police chief Vitomir Bijelic told Radio Croatia.

The suspect was arrested four days ago after a woman identified him as the owner of the bloody AC Milan jersey bearing the name “Reksi” that was found near the crime scene.

“We have solid evidence against the suspect,” Split province prosecutor Michelle Squiccimarro told the Croatian news Web site Index.hr.

The motive for the murder has not been determined, officials said.

Investigators found fingerprints and DNA at the crime scene that is expected to help confirm the killer’s identity.

The police department expressed its regret Wednesday over the brutal crime and sent its condolences to the victim’s family.

The 31-year-old Graciano Macedo was murdered in Split’s popular Marjan park on Aug. 21 and her body was found buried nearby four days later.

Investigators initially found a sandal and hat belonging to the victim, whose throat was cut, but they later discovered evidence of a struggle along with her backpack and a bloody knife.

The victim’s brother, Enmanuel Graciano, said they arrived in Split the same day she was killed as part of a trip around Europe.

The siblings separated because Selena wanted to visit a church and the zoo, while her brother preferred to head back to their hotel and rest, Enmanuel Graciano said.

Police have detained 80 people and questioned a total of 300 in the course of the murder investigation.