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Latino Daily News

Monday April 23, 2012

Plane Crashes into Guatemalan Zoo Leaving Three Dead

Plane Crashes into Guatemalan Zoo Leaving Three Dead

Photo: Plane crashes in Guatemalan Zoo.

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Three passengers traveling on a plane were killed after the aircraft crashed into the maintenance area of Aurora Zoo, in Guatemala. One of the zoo workers also suffered second and third degree burns according to the local reports. The cause was due to technical problems which disabled the plane’s flight system, said aeronautics regulators in the country.

The three victims were later identified as Oscar Calderon (the pilot), Cristian Berni, and Alex Quezada. The zoo worker, Rodrigo Aspuac, was injured after the crash and was immediately brought to Roosevelt Hospital to treat his severe burn wounds.

Besides the tail of the plane, the plane was destroyed into pieces. The damage caused both the close of the park and of two streets surrounding it.  None of the zoo animals were injured or displaced.

Authorities evacuated a total of 80 people from the park, including workers and visitors.