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Latino Daily News

Thursday March 14, 2013

Plane Crash Kills 10 in Brazilian Amazon

Plane Crash Kills 10 in Brazilian Amazon

Photo: Plane Crash Kills 10 in Brazilian Amazon

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The 10 occupants of an airplane flying between the Brazilian cities of Belem and Monte Dourado died when the aircraft crashed in the Amazon region for as yet unknown reasons, authorities said Wednesday.

The twin-engine Embraer 821 Caraja, owned by the Fretax air taxi company, had taken off from Belem, the capital of Para state, about 7:17 p.m. Tuesday and crashed about an hour later as it was approaching the Monte Dourado airport, according to state-owned airport administrator Infraero.

None of the 10 people on board, including the pilot, survived the crash, according to the Brazilian air force, which launched an investigation.

The pilot had advised the control tower that he was preparing to land but he did not make contact again and did not appear within view of the air traffic controllers, whereupon the search was immediately ordered.

The remains of the plane were found on Wednesday morning scattered in a forest of eucalyptus trees about 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from the Monte Dourado runway.

The plane was carrying employees of a hydroelectric plant being built in the neighboring state of Amapa which had hired the aircraft.

Fretax said in a communique that the plane was “fully authorized to fly and with all its inspections up to date,” adding that the pilot was properly authorized to fly and had had a “valid ... medical exam.”