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Latino Daily News

Sunday February 26, 2012

Plane Crash in Brazil Kills State Legislator and Two Others

Plane Crash in Brazil Kills State Legislator and Two Others

Photo: Alessandro Novelino Killed in Brazil Plane Crash

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A state legislator and two other people died in a plane crash in the northern Brazilian state of Para, officials said.

Alessandro Novelino, legislative aide Jose Augusto dos Santos and an unidentified pilot died Saturday when the two-engine plane went down.

The cause of the accident has not been determined, officials said.

The plane was traveling from Belem, the capital of Para, to a ranch in the northeastern part of the state when it disappeared from air traffic controllers’ radar screens.

A search team found the plane’s wreckage and the three bodies Saturday afternoon outside the city of Acara, the state government said in a statement.

“The place is hard to reach and the plane was completely destroyed, but there was apparently no fire,” Public Safety Secretary Luiz Fernandes Rocha said.

“We are deeply saddened by the premature death” of Novelino, who belonged to the National Mobilization Party, or PMN, the state government said.

Three days of mourning have been declared in the state.