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Latino Daily News

Thursday July 7, 2011

Pinochet’s Home Now a Pot Den!

Pinochet’s Home Now a Pot Den!

Photo: Marijuana Found in Augusto Pinochet's home!

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Police found 182 full grown plants and 5 pounds of marijuana on drying racks, near a creek in the same property where the Chilean dictator is buried and where his family called home for years!

The former dictator’s oldest daughter told Chilean newspaper “La Tercera” that she had no idea that in “Los Boldos”, the property where her father spent most of his last days, and the place where he was laid to rest, was being use to grow marijuana.

“I’m surprised. Whatever happens in Los Boldos, we have no idea. It’s open, animals wonder by. It’s half abandoned,” she said.

The peculiar discovery happened a long time ago, but only surfaced this week. Police confirmed that they found a complex irrigation system, plugged to the local drinkable water grid, as well as a large supply of fertilizer.  No suspects have been arrested, and whoever started, kept and presumably sold the illegal plants, remains a mystery.

The property was seized shortly after Pinochet’s death, and as investigations on his personal fortune proceeded. Pinochet left behind a fortune of 26 million dollars, 21 of which cannot be accounted for legally.

Pinochet bought the property in the nineties, and even spent some time under house arrest in it, toward the end of his life. According to the house keeper, nobody has visited since last year’s earthquake. He said his job is to keep up the house and chapel on the north side of the property. He was surprised to learn the south side of the 126 acre property was being used to grow pot.