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Latino Daily News

Monday December 19, 2011

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Enlarges Show for Latin America

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Enlarges Show for Latin America

Photo: Roger waters Performing "The Wall"

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Pink Floyd’s lead singer and bass player Roger Waters said he has specially re-designed his “The Wall” live show, to fit in Latin American venues.

Waters told Rolling Stone Magazine that the show of “The Wall” he’s taking on the roads of Latin America next year was designed for basketball or ice hockey venues, two popular sports in the US, but not in Latin America.

According to the rock music publication, Waters has modified his emblematic show to fit soccer stadiums, Latin America’s venue of choice.

“I desperately wanted to bring this tour to South America, but they don’t play basketball or ice hockey down there, and consequentially they don’t have arenas. So you can play in a club or a soccer stadium. I’m playing in soccer stadiums, and I’ve decided that the arena show that I produced of The Wall is not expansive enough to play in a soccer stadium. We’d made the wall a lot wider, and I’ve been working on the content. I’ve worked on ways that the audience can see that tiny bloke from a long way away . “Let’s put up a couple of IMAX screens and they can watch us singing and playing the guitar out of sync” Waters told Rolling Stone. 

Waters will play Chile on March 2 and 3 , 2011 before playing nine shows in Argentina. The tour will end in México, following stops in Brazil.