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Latino Daily News

Monday August 8, 2011

Leader of “Pig Head” Extortion Gang Arrested in México

Leader of “Pig Head” Extortion Gang Arrested in México

Photo: Mexican "Pig Head" Gang Arrested!

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Federal Police in the municipality of San Vicente Chichester, State of Mexico arrested Eduardo Zúñiga Sánchez, alias El Bla Bla, the alleged leader of a gang called “The Pig Head”.  The Ministry of Public Security said the members of this criminal group, are known for throwing pig heads outside the shops or homes of their victims to intimidate them into paying extortion money, and kidnapping ransoms.

Police say the group is related to the abduction last August of a 52 year old Mexico City business woman and with extortion schemes targetting textile companies.

Bla Bla, 39, has been identified as the leader of the organization and the alleged watchdog of the group’s victims as well the one making the extortion calls.  Also arrested were Tarinda José Roberto García, aka “El Sindi,” 30, and Jose Alberto Nieto Moon, aka Kiko, 23, allegedly involved in retrieving the ransom and extortion money.

Oscar Sanchez, 40, and Tania Hernandez Ramirez, 25, both with previous records were also arrested for conducting negotiation calls and harassing victims and relatives of the hostages with such horrific acts as throwing pig heads in the threshold of their homes.

During the operation police also seized a vehicle, a rifle and a handgun, as well as ammunition, cell phones and cash.